Accessbility Guidelines


The UKDHM website has an “Accessibility Options” box to the right hand side of the webpage


This is a server-based text-to-speech service.

Unlike downloadable text-to-speech software, RokTalk's server-based technology means that a visitor to a site has full access to ROKTalk wherever they are in the world.

The screen-reader intelligently understands grammar and punctuation, quickly bringing any text to life in a range of clear and natural-sounding voices. 

Site Map

The Site map gives a text list of all the website structure and its contents.
The list is [will be] also links to the relevant sections of the website.
The Text-Only and the Easy-Read sites will make use of the Site Map (see below)

Text Only

We are working on producing the site in a text only version – which will include text descriptions to replace images.
This feature will make use of the ‘Site Map’ structure – where you can click on any page-link to see a text only version.
>Similarly if you click the ‘Print Article button’ at the top of most of the pages – there is a text only version available immediately (this is without image descriptions).

Some browsers will also allow you to choose a text-only option as well.



We are working on producing the site in an easy-read version.
This feature will make use of the ‘Site Map’ feature – where you can click on any link to find an easy-read version.


We have a search feature to the far right of the top navigation bar. To go to a search result – you must click the Page Title, in some cases this is “No Title”.


Other information on website accessibility can be found on these website pages:

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