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UK Disability History Month relies on the sale of books, badges, posters and postcards in order to contribute to the costs of coordinating the history month. The majority of the funds go towards building the UKDHM webpage and printing information leaflets to distrubute at events. Support us in keeping Disability History Month running.

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 "Scapegoat" - By Katherine Quarmby

  10% off RRP !! £15.99 £14.40


"This may be the most important book you will read all year" - Tom Shakespeare



Buy badges for just £1 each to support Uk Disability History Month

  (P+P costs will apply - please e-mail for details)






POSTCARDS and A4 Poster Cards:....
By famous cartoonist 'Crippen'

They come as a pack of 20 postcards at just £5 per pack.
As a pack of 20 A4 Cards - ideal for displays.


£1 per poster - please e-mail us if you would like some! 




UKDHM has also printed an A3, illustrated broadsheet, entitles 'Learning the Lessons from History'. This gives a brief overview of what has happened to disabled people over the last few thousand years and how in the last 120 years we have organised a fight back that has led to the rights in the Equality Act 2010.

You can order copies from us:

10 copies for £3

20 copies for £5 and 100 copies for £10


£3 including pre-paid postage

£1 (postage charge will be incured)